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When we created Next Radio we wanted to hold an event that was accessible to everyone in the industry. We don’t run the event as a commercial businesses, the money from tickets and sponsors just allows us to operate each year.

Find out about this year’s conference.


Tickets are priced at just £149+VAT. Most radio conferences of this type are more than double that: we aim to simply cover our costs.

Buy Tickets Online

As we’re less than a week to go now, all tickets must be booked online through our PayPal-based ticketing system. No more invoices.

If you require a VAT receipt, please email once you’ve booked your tickets online.

If you need to know, we’re Next Conferences Ltd, registered in England, No 08718713
Registered Office: 96a Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AA

I’m afraid we pretty much spend the ticket money on the event, so there aren’t any refunds. You can transfer your ticket to someone else though just let us know through