Sponsored by Broadcast Bionics, the Next Radio Conference 2014 is happening in London on Monday 8 September 2014, in the Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle St, London W1S 4BS [map].

It’s a radio ideas conference that starts at 9.00am and runs until 5.00pm at which point we go to the local pub, where Adswizz have kindly agreed to buy the drinks. The day’s all about new ideas across all areas of radio – made for people that make radio. This year, we have ideas from some of the most successful presenters and programmers, research into young peoples’ use of mobile apps, some clever new ways of listening to the radio, ideas from streaming music companies, overseas radio stations, and even the British government; and much more. You’ll go home with some amazing ideas and great contacts.

Delegate InformationSee the schedule See the speakers

It’s quite different to other conferences:

  • It’s an informal day – we don’t want you to wear suits or anything like that.
  • All the sessions are either 9 minutes or 18 minutes (this means that they’re focused and frequent)
  • We get through lots of speakers – around 25
  • There’s free wifi
  • There’s lunch and breaks and stuff so you can chat to other people
  • Our speakers (generally) hang around for the whole day
  • Our delegates range from tech-ops and students to Group Programme Directors
  • There are sessions on programming, music, speech, the web, social media – it’s the toolkit for today’s radio
  • It has two very handsome hosts.
  • It’s fun

It’s the kind of conference for you, if you:

  • Want ideas for things that you can take back to your radio station
  • Want to broaden your horizons and help your career develop
  • Meet different people from the BBC, commercial radio and suppliers
  • Are excited about radio

Here’s what previous delegates have said:

  • “Felt like a gathering of friends, not a corporate do.”
  • “Loved the range of speakers and the tone – remembered why I love radio”
  • “a fantastic chance to hear from a wide range of interesting speakers and walk away even more informed about the industry in which we work”
  • “It’s a brilliant format – lots of different ideas in a short space of time”

Did you make those quotes up?

No. Actually, they were completely anonymous, so they weren’t even asking for a free beer from us or anything.

Still not sure?

You can find out the schedule and participants from 2013 here, watch the videos here and see the pictures here. Or, see 2012’s schedule and videos; or 2011’s schedule and videos.

Who’s speaking?

Lots of people. Here’s who we’ve announced so far.

I’m from overseas, can I come?

Yes, of course! Last year we had delegates from right across Europe, the US, Canada and Latin America. We’ll help you understand the UK marketplace, and meet up before the conference to help you get to know some of your fellow delegates, too.

Who’s coming?

Well, so far there’s people from all of these… 7digital plc, Absolute Radio, Arqiva, asi, Bauer Media, the BBC, the BBC Trust, BCI, Better Radio Programming, BFBS, BLM, Broadcast Bionics, CBC, Critical Distance, DR, Earsoft, Folder Media, Furthermore, Fynske Medier, G Media, GB Films, Global Radio, Google, IMI mobile, IPSOS, JACKfm Oxfordshire, Jazz FM, Karnaval, Key 103, Kinetic Helm, Linney Group, Lisa Kerr Consultancy, Magnetic North, Mashup, media.info, Monocle, Nottingham Trent University, NPR Music, Orion Media, P4, Pacific Content, Panjab Radio, Paul Easton Radio Consulting, Pixiu, Premier, Primedia, Rádio Expres, Radiocentras, RadioCentre, radioiloveit.com, Radiomonitor, RAI, RAJAR, Rawlco, RCS, RNIB, Rorschach Radio, RSMB, RTÉ, Schools Radio, Somethin’ Else, Soundcloud, SRF, Sveriges Radio, talkSPORT, TBI Media, Theboyinthecorner, Togglebit, Triton Digital, UCB, UK Radioplayer, Unusual Productions, USP Content, UTV Media and Voizzup.

Are there any recommended hotels? Any special rates for hotels?
We don’t have any recommendations for you, other than to mention that the venue is close to Piccadilly Circus and Green Park tube stations, and therefore dead easy to get to from anywhere in London. We normally hold drinks for out-of-town visitors on the Sunday late-afternoon, so you can meet some other people.

Have you sorted out all the speakers yet? Can I speak? 

We’ve sorted out most of the conference, but we’ve deliberately left some spaces: so drop us a line with your ideas.

Who’s behind Next Radio?

It’s not run by an events company or an industry organisation, it’s run by James Cridland and Matt Deegan in their spare time. They’ve spoken at radio events all over the world and they wanted to pick all the best bits and put them into a single UK conference.

Can I follow them on Twitter?

Yes – they’re @jamescridland and @matt. The conference is @thisisnextradio.

Is it all hard drives and frequency modulation?

No – Next Radio is an ideas conference. Some of those ideas are programming, some social media, some music and some technology – it covers all of radio.

 I need to tell you a secret. How do I do that?

We have a contact form for this very reason

I booked a ticket and now I can’t come.

We’re really sorry to hear that. In common with most events of this type, we can’t give refunds: but if you can find another home for your ticket, we’d be happy to transfer it. Let us know who’s coming in your place, and we’d be happy to help.

I’m sold! Where do I get tickets from?

I’m afraid we’ve closed sales for 2014.

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